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Starting off with the people I decided to interview.

I decided to interview two different people from different areas of work

  • Acting
  • Journalist or TV Host

TV Host

I got this one first. I contacted the executive producer who was in charge of my internship and he agreed to help me out. But because of my awkwardness and not being sure if I should talk formally or not, he twice didn’t get that I wanted him to answer the questions as well but it’s fine really. I got answers from a host which if I choose to work with them, would be better for me than being a journalist and it’s closer to acting.

Interview with TV host


So I have that and I have also contacted a few other people who can help me getting an interview from an actor. I contacted a makeup artist I know that has worked on a few productions and asked her to help me out. One of my previous teacher’s husband is a director so she can help too and the sister of a friend of my mom has studied acting so that’s nice.

The sister thing didn’t work because she’s studying in uni again something different and they have a project, she’s not in the capital, somewhere in the country side and she can’t really answer. But the makeup artist answered me and gave me an email of an actor who I contacted. He took really long to answer and I actually got the answers just before the hand in.

Interview with actor


Emailed the draft to Chris. I already had one, two actually because I have to have them in different languages so I’m not really worried about that.


List of short, medium and long term goals

  • short
    • summer – I’d like to join a drama troupe because it would be a bit like taking a course in acting and it would also be fun.
    • I’m also looking for a summer job, I have talked to some people who have some design projects for me that I would like to do.
  • medium
    • after uni – I would like to get a job connected to acting. I could also stay home because I’m making connections in that area and I already have some so that would definitely help.
  • long
    • I’m considering going over to US but I haven’t really considered that yet that much.

Link to online blog

click the panda

Presentation slides/notes

I’m not really sure what these should consist of. My interviews are already in bullet points and since I was sending emails I couldn’t really take any notes while doing the interviews.

Reflective report that discusses industry interview and mock job presentation

 Reflective report

Reflective report that discusses your thoughts about your work to date as well as your professional and personal skills

Reflective report


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