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Explaining the video

I tried to put in some subtle hints everywhere. My main goal was to not make it obvious since I thought that would make some people react harshly and that’s not something that I wanted.

I also wanted to avoid using blue and pink as a divider but unfortunately it’s so easy to use those colours to seperate the genders and it’s also massively used. Even I was amazed by the amount of pink things I had and I love the colour blue. It’s been implemented in our heads so it’s something that we don’t even really think about anymore.

I should explain the lack of sounds. I wanted it that way since I thought that words and music could be distracting. Words can also be taken in so many different ways by everybody that I really wanted to avoid that. The internet is littered with comments on facts stated about gender equality that it’s infuriating how easily some people argue with statements. I didn’t want that. So instead it’s all about the video.

I also limitted the use of mirrors and different reflections since that felt too repetitive and easy to lose interest in. Instead it’s been limited to only one scene with people and one scene that was really difficult to edit with a mirror on a desk and pink and blue items reflected.

The wall with names that women get called came from this picture

The wage gap was showed by having the paper money cut with some pink and blue markers as well as enveloppes to indicate which for who.

Video illustrates the start of a day for a male and a female with facts about inequality trown around in between.

Inspirational videos

These are some of the early videos that I watched when I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do

Some of them are short film projects, some are from Tropfest that Mark told me to look at, some of them are commercials but most shated something is common. They had a serious theme around them, something that I’ve realised really interests me. Since the first year in uni, I’ve picked topics, when I can, about issues in society and the world, I started with endangered animals in the first years, through discrimination towards students and this year started with gender discrimination which in itself lead to something bigger, trying to promote equality in all its forms.

I absolutely loved this. Short and funny, at least to me.


Chaplaincy marketing

I had to continue with my marketing as well and I did some posters for events that we organised from Chaplaincy.

These are some from an event we organised, they were printed as posters and flyers

What is spirituality

I also worked on a few websites that are not yet published with the lead chaplain. They are all his works that he felt like needed better marketing. The concept ideas for the website are all on the provided CD.

These are palletes that I thought would be good for the project ‘Healing Stories’

Inspiration, facts and information

The project EverydaySexism

The Everyday Sexism project aims to take a step towards gender equality, by proving wrong those who tell women that they can’t complain because we are equal. It is a place to record stories of sexism faced on a daily basis, by ordinary women, in ordinary places. To show that sexism exists in abundance in the UK workplace and that it is very far from being a problem we no longer need to discuss.
-EverydaySexism project

Here are some posts that women have left


and this is the website


The entertainment industry and some information about that


BuzzFeed has a style that I like and also a lot of videos about the gender problem – it varies from what females are being told on a daily basis to how dangerous it can be to be ‘female’.

This one really helped with my idea

Facts about females and gender inequality around the EU that I found and use for the facebook page

These have more about the US but it also compares it to other countries in Europe, and also has some facts about gender inequality in the arts. Also something that I didn’t know about and found out from this is that only four countries in the world fail to provide paid maternity leave to all workers

Lesotho, Swaziland, Papua New Guinea and the United States. It surprised me that US is there.


These are some statistics that I clicked through but they honestly confused me. There was always parts of the information on the charts that didn’t show even when hovering with the mouse or clicking so it could leave you wondering what the numbers on the charts actually are.


Some facts about Bulgaria and Greece from 2013 so they are fairly recent


More facts about Europe and some countries in the EU

Talking about the wage or pay gap between genders in the EU

Here are compiled facts about gender equality around the world with big issues in some countries that I avoided in my video


And this is where the idea of the money to be cut came from


While I was working on the project and also researching I found this article that surprised me. Since I live so close to Turkey I’ve learned things about their culture and issues there are often on the news home as well. I think it was in the summer there were some protests for female rights and many people, even some actresses came out to speak how hard it can be for them. This article is from a case that happened this year and what surprised me is unfortunately not that the president is extremely disrespectfull but that men stood up for women. It was a nice surprise though and the article also includes information about other countries that have done this.



After my preparation beforehand I was definitely more comfortable and relaxed than I have ever been when I’ve had to film something.

Here are some pictures from different filming days

Filming in a mirror is definitely way harder than I thought it would be. In my case I didn’t really have that much trouble with hiding the camera as I had with the different angles.

It’s a given that when you look into the camera in the mirror on the footage it looks like you’re looking directly into it. But that would be only usefull for me if it’s a direct in front of the mirror shot of someone looking at themselves. When you put the camera on the side though, things change. You have to move the actor/actress so that their reflection is clearly visible on camera and that mean that they have to stand at a very uncomfortable and unusual position. In my case where I had a sink and it had to be used it was really hard. Since I also acted in it and tried all the sinks in the different scenes, no matter which made it or not, I personally got to experience it. And since I’m on the shorter and smaller side, meaning my hands and legs are also shorter, I didn’t enjoy it a lot. You can’t see anything of what you’re actually doing because you don’t see your reflection at all in the mirror, so you pick a spot in a line that has been determined to be fine with the camera and look there while pretending that you know and see what’s going on. You also try to work at the strange angle you’re standing at and you have to be careful not to draw too much attention to it.

For some scenes in which I was acting I also had to use my new friend – the chair. I also had to use it while filming because the tripod is taller than me.



Facebook page

I was advised to make a facebook page for the film a bit late, actually around two weeks before the deadline so I immediately started to think of names. I had a bit of trouble with that.


While thinking of names though, I realized that in stead of just having a page about the project, I would much rather have a page about the whole equality issue and by the whole I mean equality in all it’s sences.

This is were the name WeAreEquAll came from and the page was created.

logoThis is the logo I came up with after changing the name.


I think it’s obvious but I’ll explain the name anyway.

WeAreEquAll – Equal and All are mashed together

It took me awhile to pick a name. At first I was going with EquAll but that was used a lot of times so I decided against it. The initial name of the page was Equality for Everyone and I didn’t really like it but I wasnted to get that page started. Another I thought of after seeing a facebook group supporting another feminist campaign gave me the idea to use words that start with ‘he’. The facebook group that I found was called (S)Heroes so I looked for words and came  up it (S)Heart. But that, I thought, would limit it only to gender and my idea changed already so even though I liked it, I didn’t use it.


After I had done that I started posting facts about, mainly gender equality but other aspects of it too. All facts had been collected and carefully chosen from my research material. I made sure all the information is correct and relevant.


Because I’m keeping track with the topic I also posted about news that I read about and linked the source with the whole information of the case. Unfortunately, every day there is at least one news report concerning the issue of equality and discrimination.

I got a good responce from people liking the page, it even strated with complete strangers liking it before anyone else. Hashtags and facebook settings helped with that.

Page covers was also something I engaged in making. I concentrated on producing ones only about gender equality though so they would match the project.

Refreshening my knowledge

I don’t really know why I bother doing this every year when I rarely find something interesting that I haven’t tried before. I searched for some colour correction tips online and these are some of the videos that I watched on that topic.

This time unlike last year, I prepared more for the filming process. I reaserched how to work with the two cameras that I booked from the stores – 600d and 5d – before hand so I can do all the settings before that actual shooting and I would be more comfortable. I also looked for tips on how to achieve a film look.




Final Major Project – finalising the idea

After Phil convinced me to drop the marketing project that I was working on earlier and we talked about other things I’m interested in, the decision to ‘film something’ was made.
As I enjoy acting most of all, the idea was to have me act in the piece and as much as I don’t really like filming, I agreed.

The next problem was what exactly to film and do.

I first started looking at ideas that are very connected to digital media since that’s our course and it’s also closing so it would’ve been nice to kind of show the university how important the course is and what they’re missing. I came up with some ideas that would require the need of a green screen.

My original idea was to have a character, myself, trapped in her mobile device. All kinds of alerts and notices would pop up, app would open, calls and messages as well. It would symbolize how much we relie on electronics nowadays and what big part of our lives they play.