Inspiration, facts and information

The project EverydaySexism

The Everyday Sexism project aims to take a step towards gender equality, by proving wrong those who tell women that they can’t complain because we are equal. It is a place to record stories of sexism faced on a daily basis, by ordinary women, in ordinary places. To show that sexism exists in abundance in the UK workplace and that it is very far from being a problem we no longer need to discuss.
-EverydaySexism project

Here are some posts that women have left

and this is the website

The entertainment industry and some information about that

BuzzFeed has a style that I like and also a lot of videos about the gender problem – it varies from what females are being told on a daily basis to how dangerous it can be to be ‘female’.

This one really helped with my idea

Facts about females and gender inequality around the EU that I found and use for the facebook page

These have more about the US but it also compares it to other countries in Europe, and also has some facts about gender inequality in the arts. Also something that I didn’t know about and found out from this is that only four countries in the world fail to provide paid maternity leave to all workers

Lesotho, Swaziland, Papua New Guinea and the United States. It surprised me that US is there.

These are some statistics that I clicked through but they honestly confused me. There was always parts of the information on the charts that didn’t show even when hovering with the mouse or clicking so it could leave you wondering what the numbers on the charts actually are.

Some facts about Bulgaria and Greece from 2013 so they are fairly recent

More facts about Europe and some countries in the EU
Talking about the wage or pay gap between genders in the EU

Here are compiled facts about gender equality around the world with big issues in some countries that I avoided in my video

And this is where the idea of the money to be cut came from

While I was working on the project and also researching I found this article that surprised me. Since I live so close to Turkey I’ve learned things about their culture and issues there are often on the news home as well. I think it was in the summer there were some protests for female rights and many people, even some actresses came out to speak how hard it can be for them. This article is from a case that happened this year and what surprised me is unfortunately not that the president is extremely disrespectfull but that men stood up for women. It was a nice surprise though and the article also includes information about other countries that have done this.


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