After my preparation beforehand I was definitely more comfortable and relaxed than I have ever been when I’ve had to film something.

Here are some pictures from different filming days

Filming in a mirror is definitely way harder than I thought it would be. In my case I didn’t really have that much trouble with hiding the camera as I had with the different angles.

It’s a given that when you look into the camera in the mirror on the footage it looks like you’re looking directly into it. But that would be only usefull for me if it’s a direct in front of the mirror shot of someone looking at themselves. When you put the camera on the side though, things change. You have to move the actor/actress so that their reflection is clearly visible on camera and that mean that they have to stand at a very uncomfortable and unusual position. In my case where I had a sink and it had to be used it was really hard. Since I also acted in it and tried all the sinks in the different scenes, no matter which made it or not, I personally got to experience it. And since I’m on the shorter and smaller side, meaning my hands and legs are also shorter, I didn’t enjoy it a lot. You can’t see anything of what you’re actually doing because you don’t see your reflection at all in the mirror, so you pick a spot in a line that has been determined to be fine with the camera and look there while pretending that you know and see what’s going on. You also try to work at the strange angle you’re standing at and you have to be careful not to draw too much attention to it.

For some scenes in which I was acting I also had to use my new friend – the chair. I also had to use it while filming because the tripod is taller than me.




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