Explaining the video

I tried to put in some subtle hints everywhere. My main goal was to not make it obvious since I thought that would make some people react harshly and that’s not something that I wanted.

I also wanted to avoid using blue and pink as a divider but unfortunately it’s so easy to use those colours to seperate the genders and it’s also massively used. Even I was amazed by the amount of pink things I had and I love the colour blue. It’s been implemented in our heads so it’s something that we don’t even really think about anymore.

I should explain the lack of sounds. I wanted it that way since I thought that words and music could be distracting. Words can also be taken in so many different ways by everybody that I really wanted to avoid that. The internet is littered with comments on facts stated about gender equality that it’s infuriating how easily some people argue with statements. I didn’t want that. So instead it’s all about the video.

I also limitted the use of mirrors and different reflections since that felt too repetitive and easy to lose interest in. Instead it’s been limited to only one scene with people and one scene that was really difficult to edit with a mirror on a desk and pink and blue items reflected.

The wall with names that women get called came from this picture

The wage gap was showed by having the paper money cut with some pink and blue markers as well as enveloppes to indicate which for who.

Video illustrates the start of a day for a male and a female with facts about inequality trown around in between.


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