Facebook page

I was advised to make a facebook page for the film a bit late, actually around two weeks before the deadline so I immediately started to think of names. I had a bit of trouble with that.


While thinking of names though, I realized that in stead of just having a page about the project, I would much rather have a page about the whole equality issue and by the whole I mean equality in all it’s sences.

This is were the name WeAreEquAll came from and the page was created.

logoThis is the logo I came up with after changing the name.


I think it’s obvious but I’ll explain the name anyway.

WeAreEquAll – Equal and All are mashed together

It took me awhile to pick a name. At first I was going with EquAll but that was used a lot of times so I decided against it. The initial name of the page was Equality for Everyone and I didn’t really like it but I wasnted to get that page started. Another I thought of after seeing a facebook group supporting another feminist campaign gave me the idea to use words that start with ‘he’. The facebook group that I found was called (S)Heroes so I looked for words and came  up it (S)Heart. But that, I thought, would limit it only to gender and my idea changed already so even though I liked it, I didn’t use it.


After I had done that I started posting facts about, mainly gender equality but other aspects of it too. All facts had been collected and carefully chosen from my research material. I made sure all the information is correct and relevant.


Because I’m keeping track with the topic I also posted about news that I read about and linked the source with the whole information of the case. Unfortunately, every day there is at least one news report concerning the issue of equality and discrimination.

I got a good responce from people liking the page, it even strated with complete strangers liking it before anyone else. Hashtags and facebook settings helped with that.

Page covers was also something I engaged in making. I concentrated on producing ones only about gender equality though so they would match the project.


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