Final Major Project – finalising the idea

After Phil convinced me to drop the marketing project that I was working on earlier and we talked about other things I’m interested in, the decision to ‘film something’ was made.
As I enjoy acting most of all, the idea was to have me act in the piece and as much as I don’t really like filming, I agreed.

The next problem was what exactly to film and do.

I first started looking at ideas that are very connected to digital media since that’s our course and it’s also closing so it would’ve been nice to kind of show the university how important the course is and what they’re missing. I came up with some ideas that would require the need of a green screen.

My original idea was to have a character, myself, trapped in her mobile device. All kinds of alerts and notices would pop up, app would open, calls and messages as well. It would symbolize how much we relie on electronics nowadays and what big part of our lives they play.


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