Design process

I got asked by Mark if I had planned out the design or I just made it in Muse while working with it. That’s actually something I should have explained. This one is about the vertical site since I started with that design at first.

Even when I was still researching and Mark was still giving me a lot of tips and things to look at and I was still in the begining of the process, I had some scetches of what the website might look like. I took into consideration what most sites look like, compared them and looked at things I liked and disliked.

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A thing that is definitely missing from my site is the scrolling slideshow that many websites have on their landing page. I never really wanted to have it in the begining but it was always present in my early first ideas.


At first my site was designed in Photoshop but I trashed does ideas later and I even lost the files to some error that Microsoft and Apple blaim eachother for.

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Unfortuanatly these are just a few images. I had two darker designs like this that I had made for the landing page that were ready but I did not take screenshots of them since it was still early and I didn’t really like the dark gray colour the architect of the company uses so much

Then the design changed again when I decided to use the colours they have on their current site so I just took a screen shot and started using those.




But that was when I had already researched Muse a lot and was almost sure I was going to make a one page site so I didn’t really need much designing to do in Photoshop, just some in Illustrator for any objects that I wanted to make and have and all the rest was done in Muse.

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These are a few sketches for the story idea.

So the process of making it went from sketches to Photoshop designs, to Illustrator and Muse.


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