Some feedback from users

I actually showed the websites to a few people. One being my dad. He didn’t seem to have any problems navigating through the site. He clicked and went through everything actually as he likes to inspect what I do. 😀 For the vertical one, I remember he noticed the menu appearing and he also tried it to navigate through the site which I guess means that’s it’s working nice where I’ve put it. For the horizontal, he didn’t really comment a lot on the background since he was already familiar with it, maybe a few words here and there about the moving objects but that’s it. He did notice the main difference –  the direction of scrolling. And even though I had explained to him that one would scroll differently I guess it still is diffrent when you see it and when you’re usually used to the web content doing something ver different when you scroll down with the mouse.

Another person I showed  it to is my potential but highly likely client for next term. I basically have someone who wants me to help him build a website and maintain it for a while. He’s from chaplaincy and I work with him since I’m an ambassador this year and he was thrilled when he learned what I was studying and just started bombarding me with different questions. He really enjoyed both websites when I showe them to him and I also explained why one page sites are liked so much these days. So I asked him a few questions and gave him some things to consider concerning his site and he’s going to contact me when he’s ready.

From a female point of view on the other hand the parallax scrolling was very much loved. The woman had only used  the menu to navagate at first so when I explained that just scrolling is fine, the comments about the website got really interesting and funny. I was in a skype conversation so I could hear the impression first ‘ear’ and it was really fun when the parallax scrolling came into view. Everything was tried, every image, all the text. The QR codes roll over was also mentioned as nice and how things fly in but definitely the most loved part was the parallax scrolling.


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