Polls and topics answers

I got  the results from the polls and even though not that many people replied I think it’s still a good thing that I did since I got some idea about some aspects of my project.


This one is about QR codes and what people know or don’t know about them. You can see that most people have answered that they don’t even know what QR codes are used for. Next they say that they don’t really use it and lastly just 18% use them. You can also see the age groups of who voted and gender.

poll2This are the answers of the question I asked people about what they find most useful and interesting on website of a food chain complany.

poll1This is the other poll I made about recepies. I asked people if they would rather download them on their phones and view them there or if they would rather download them and kill trees. More people apparently don’t share my opinion that we should save trees.

pollThose are the analytics of that poll.


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