Coding in Muse

There are some limitations you get when using Muse. For one, something simple as a popping menu once you rollover it is something you can’t do with using Muse alone. You have to use code to do that and then import it into Muse.
I tried it out and got it to work but it’s not something that you can see in the final version of either websites because I decided that I don’t like how it looks and with the vertical website it just didn’t fit at all.

codingOne of the problems with this is that you need to get code information about the object you would be moving but it’s not something you can actually do within Muse. I had to open the code of the page and get it from there. After that I just had to open the site properties in Muse and in the metadata menu add the code.codeThis is the code that I had use. It’s fairly easy code, nothing too complecated. The highlighted part of the code is that part I needed to get from the coding of the webpage. That I did with previewing the page browser and opening the code of it. The code basically says where and when to move the selected object and the duration of it. Also saying to do it when hovering over the initially visible part. When making this type of menu you can have a little image that would be visible at all times on the page and when hovering over it with a mouse, it would cause the menu to slide into view. The way to do that is before previewing the page in the browser and getting the code information you have to after making everything in Muse, group them otherwise you would just get different codes for all the pieces that the menu consists of and it would not work properly. Also something you have to be careful with while looking for the code information is to get the one for the whole group and not just one part of it. So you have to check when getting it.


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