Drawing hints and my photoshop drawing attempts

This caught my eye while I was researching something so I decided to look at it and it turned out to be hints for drawing. Really nice and helpful since I was looking at clouds


Another helpful one with probably better results the more you do it

Another helpful site with a lot of digital drawing tutorials for PhotoShop


This is one I don’t particulary like that much, at least not the result that you got


My clouds that I made with photoshop, I hadn’t used photoshop to draw before so that was another new experience for me, it’s very different than Illustrator but I think it’s nice and easy for clouds


I tried one of those tutorials to make my type of clouds, starting with just a small shape and then again with altering the brush settings making it more cloud like.


Playing with the colour dynamics settings to get a better effect  for the cloudsdrawingclouds3

Here with a certain softer brush I added an effect so I think I got the ‘smoky’ cloud look and I also used the colour mix brush to add some shading as well as the burn and dodge tooldrawingclouds4a few results of my attempt of making clouds, they would look better on a lighter sky background but I used a black one so that I could see them more clearly while making


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