QR codes usage and making

Since I’m a chaplaincy ambassador this year, this term got even busier for me. I had to help with the Christmas fair over at BU. While I was there I met a student from BU from the Digital Media course so we talked a lot about both courses and our projects. Turned out he’s also from the Christian union and we had these little notebooks to give to people. They showed to me what’s inside and I noticed all the QR codes that were used. In my opinion a bit too many pages had text on them which left less space for writing but the idea of having little questions to make people pounder over was really interesting.

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Again from chaplaincy I found this. There was a poster and a little piece of paper that was hanging from it with a QR code to scan. I had some ideas with such little pieces of paper with QR codes and then I saw this. But  those ideas will be more helpful for the major project.



This is the website I used to make the QR code. I could make a few ‘visual’ codes with custom images so I made one according to the season.


This is what the page looked like when I was designing the custom QR code. I could choose how to rotate the code, what colour to make it, what kind of edges should it have and what shape should they be in, and I could put an effect on the image.

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I made two codes, one narmal one and one with an image


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