Horizontal websites

At first I really didn’t want to make a one page site since I really didn’t like them that much and I couldn’t understand why everyone is using them. Sure they look nice if you make them the right way but it’s like they are used everywhere. And I honestly found all the scrolling annoying even if you have a menu you can just click. The automatic scrolling that comes with the clicking I found even more annoying and not nice looking.

But then I found another way to make a one page site that looked more interesting to me.

5When I saw this website I really liked it. I first saw it on the ipad as I was looking through Muse’s Sites of the day and then in class at the crit but now looking at it on a proper screen it looks even better. All the little annoying parts that before didn’t seem to work that fine or look that good are really nice here. Plus because it’s a bigger screen everything looks nicer.

I really liked this idea for a website and even though it’s about something completely diffrerent than what I have to do, I though I might find a way to use this method and style so that the website I make is more interesting than what others of the same type are.

6This one has a menu on the top which you can use to navigate or you can just scroll and enjoy what’s happening. The menu is something that’s not moving at all as well as the sign next to it. Everything else is scrolling just at different speed and that’s what makes it fun and interesting. We have three things that are scrolling, the background, the houses and the characters. Also everything is scrolling left in the settings of Muse which makes it seems like the scene is going right.


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