Drawing backgrounds – winter

Trees and fields

Trees don’t have leaves in winter, most of them at least. I can’t have all my trees green. I should’ve realised that before starting to draw them and complete a few of them. Anyway, after deleting those, I researched some paintings and drawings of winters scenes

This is I also founds with a bit different shading but these are mainly houses in winter


This is really pretty and I really really like it, with the house and animals and all, I won’t have so much details since I’m using this as a background but I like the style of this one


I won’t be using any turkeys but it’s a nice one, I like the nature


Also colours for winter should give off a colder feel so it would be more in the white, blue, grey hues but also I like adding some pink or purple so it’s not too distant and not too cold and gloomy to look at. I think those make it a bit more welcoming and calm.

Something like a little moodboard that I can also use
Warmer colours bring more life into it
Less warmer colours make it more lonely and sad
Warm colours change the feel
Warmer colour change the feel and they are also used mainly on the humans
The sky is a warmer colour which is reflected on the ground and in the water and it makes the scene more welcoming
Completly different feeling from the one with the cart on the road, this one is also in the country side and it has only animals in it but it doesn’t feel lonely or sad when you look at it

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