Typography Web-safe and non web-safe fonts

I hadn’t even really thought about that until I saw it in a tutorial. It’s actually obvious but I hadn’t really thought about it.

When making the site, depending on what kind of site it is and for that audience it’s for you might want to use custom fonts to make it more interesting and different. But the fonts that we can easily download and use aren’t  web-safe which means that they might not be displayed on every browser if the user doesn’t already have them downloaded. That would mean that the whole design for the site will change and won’t be working properly. One way to use a more interesting and not so basic fonts is to save it as a png in photoshop and then put it in the project. That actually is not a good idea though. Doing that would make the site bigger with more images and slower to load for viewers. I’ve personally closed a lot of slow websites that take to long to load because it’s annoying to wait for them.  Also with search engines it’s important to have titles especially if they are conveying important information, such as the page headers. Those are called system fonts

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 14.12.23

Muse has a solution to that which is good. In addition to all the basic fonts that are not that interesting for titles sometimes Muse also has  a large online library hosted by Typekit.com.  It’s included with the Adobe Muse subscription which means that you don’t need to sign up or purchase a Typekit account to access the fonts and start using them in web designs.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 14.24.38

Another good thing is that even if for some reason the Typekit servers are unable to load the font that has been applied dynamically as the pages load, the text content will still display—using a default backup font.

Using to much of those is also not a good idea though because with adding too many web fonts, visitors will experience longer overall download times, which may make sites much slower and that would be impacting the overall user experience.

Adding them to a Muse project is also really easy.

I also have to be careful with choosing my fonts since not all them work with cyrilic which I’ll be using so I’ll have to actually search for a nice looking font that’s not too hard to read but it’s also a bit different than normal. I already have one that I like using but I’ll also look for other ones.


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