First thoughts on the design

When I think about the design I immediately think it should be easy to navigate and not too flashy with not to many things going on. If it was a more creative site for a creative business that is in a different area than the one I’m going in, it would be nice and I would have a lot of things to experiment with and make the site ‘interesting’ but I have to keep in mind the audience and purpose for it. I also want to make it different and something that you don’t see on most websites you go to. Having different seasons and the promotions going with them and the typical culture customs that go with that would be a way to bring even more diversity to the whole idea, in my opinion.

Some of the websites for stores that come up to me are ones for food chain stores since it’s the first thing I think about and honestly I can name a few really bad ones that I don’t like going on and that are really difficult with finding things you need on them. Websites for clothes seem better styled to me in most cases. I think it would be better to put all the research on sites on a separate post.

I’m still thinking how to use the social media effectively since I’m not a big fan of it but it’s something I definitely have to use. But I don’t want it to just be there as a button, I want it to have more function to the whole site and have a role in it that might make more people interested in going to the site and using it, not just seeing it once and not being interested in doing it again.


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