Why use Adobe Muse?

Except the ease of usage that everyone mentions when talking about the program, after some research on Muse, I found other reasons to use it for the creation of a website. Also after talking to Mark and him saying that I don’t want any code to make things more complicated, Muse became even more appropriate for this project. Even though it does not have much coding in it, there are certain more complicated things you can only achieve with separate code that’s not included in the program, there are a lot of things to learn while working with it. Even though it’s really similar to Indesign it it also a different piece of software with a lot of things to learn and work with.
I personally prefer working with it than any other ways I found for making websites because I’ve already made a few websites before coming to uni, I wasn’t even in high school yet, and I’ve already tried a few online ways of building a site and I won’t really get much if I do that. I’ve already done it, find it fairly easier than working with Muse. While also researching the program I saw that it would be more appropriate for the type of site I want to create, it the designs being more clean and easy to use by everybody. The program is also something I haven’t used before and I’m really interested in learning how to work with it, I think it would be beneficial for my future work and an important skill to know.

Muse was developed to mimic the feel and experience of InDesign and also uses conventions and tools accustomed with Illustrator or Photoshop so I think it’s quite useful for people used to working with Adobe.




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