Raw unedited footage

Here is some of the footage I took over the course of filming for the project.

Unfortunately as I didn’t have any audio from the interviews when I took them I can’t really use them. I have some that I really like but they don’t fit the audio from the interviews I have.

I thought I couldn’t use this one but after editing it the colours were actually nice

BU’s cafeteria

AUB’s cafeteria, I was trying to hide the camera so people wouldn’t see it and look at it or say anything and it doesn’t look good or at least I don’t like it

Romanian housemate in her room

Taking photos



Romanian student in her room, I was trying not to have her face in the shot so I tried to hide it with different things even her toy

Most of these are ones that I didn’t really use in both interviews with the students because I felt like they don’t really fit. I was also experimenting more with taking them so I’m happy about that.


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