And I thought I wouldn’t be doing much editing because it’s like a news report and people there don’t really bother with editing at all. I thought I would just fix the colours a bit and it wouldn’t be that much. Colour grading can be so annoying. You have a lot of different short little videos that all need different grading even though it could be almost the same shot. Also because I wasn’t really that good with filming the first interview but I couldn’t really do it again because the student didn’t have time and wasn’t in Bournemouth as well I had to edit even more some of the shots because the colours were really not that good and I really didn’t like it. I tried to blur the parts that weren’t nice since I still had to use them so I had to do some annoying masking around the objects that weren’t fine with the colours.

After Effects is thought for me easier to use for colour grading, I guess because it’s like Photoshop. I wanted to fix the colours in another program and I started doing it like that but then just tried with a small video that wasn’t filmed well if it would look better and editing it was easier so I just cut the videos in Sony Vegas because it’s really quick and easy for that, rendered them, colour graded them in After Effects, rendered them again and put them in Sony Vegas for making the whole thing. Over all a bit slow of a process and gets annoying really fast. A lot of pressure on the computer because I just have to have a few other  programs opened to make it even harder for it. But the colour grading took a long time because of all the rendering in all the programs and a few crashes when it got too much at one time. The other annoying and long part was the audio, having to listen to all these long conversations with people and deciding what is good to use and what is not, cutting it, then getting confused because it all looks the same. Sony Vegas didn’t show me anything for the audio, just a straight line which was also a bit frustrating.

I hate how people slowed me down with interviews and I didn’t really know what I would need to film and I filmed just basic things like students and things and places around Bournemouth that I don’t actually need. And when editing I see that I should have filmed other things but I couldn’t because there were no cameras. The interviews definitely slowed me down a lot. I did some last minute filming but I’m not really happy with it and editing is getting really harder. I originally planned to have more time for it but with this delay I couldn’t really do it like that. My computer and project folders are basically a mess from the same files cut into little pieces, edited in different programs and rendered. And I have to keep changing the names and it gets really crazy. Some of the files have also disappeared when I needed to use them, completely crazy and a big mess. I have to clean it. The audio files were easier to edit and handle than the video ones. I had to do some stabilizing on the videos for which I didn’t use a tripod. Good thing AfterEffects has a nice motion. Only in one video did it look really weird, wrong and distorted, in all the others it worked and fixed the little shakiness.
Editing wise, I mainly had to fix the colours and stabilise some of the shots as they were filmed without a tripod only handheld and they were shaking a little. Even though I noticed it’s pretty normal when doing a news report and people didn’t really bother with it at all, I don’t enjoy it and I don’t like it when I notice it in a report. So I stabilised where it was needed.

I feel like the video about the Romanian student is better. Not only because the filming I did for the other one isn’t that good but also because in the Romanian one I have one character who’s always appearing and it to me it looks a bit better. Also it’s not that much of an interview type, I don’t have the person sitting and talking, hiding her face. I have her walking around, doing different things that students do.
I’m also not sure where to put these but I contacted a lot of students in the UK from Bournemouth and I got replies from around 10 of them because the others were on placements.

Editing also went wrong when I had to finally render the edited videos. My computer kept crashing for some reason and I had to render again and it was like that for hours. I have to try and fix it, something about drivers or something and it’s really annoying. I had to render the videos in small short parts and then render them in After Effects and then render them again because they were really big after rendering in After Effects.


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