As a news report style of a video the editing could be left simple so it doesn’t stand out too much from the rest of the reports which are broadcasted on the channel. But for uploading on the internet as well as the broadcasting services, a tiny bit more of editing is nice. It gives a bit more style and personality to it without making it too different from the other reports in the news. Nice style, appropriate for a news report but still resembles a documentary as well as it is cleaner than a normal news reported and more polished.

Nice attempt of escaping copyright issues and finding a way to still use information from other news media sources.

Not excellent filming but a nice attempt for a first time filming. Displays a certain improvement in camera skills after sufficient research and just a short time of filming. Not on a completely professional level but knowledge has definitely ameliorated and skills have gotten better. I’ve gotten used to using a tripod and also find means to substitute it when usage is difficult and near impossible for certain shots.

Good editing skills displayed. I’ve improved my knowledge of using editing software like Sony Vegas,Premiere Pro and After Effects. I’ve explored a lot more editing styles and effects and fastened work by finding and using more shortcuts which effectively saves more time.

Good idea to use similarities to make the different pieces relate with each other even more than just the topic. Each of them are a continuation of the other so they can be watched all together but they are also each a separate piece of work and they function alone just as well. Each has it’s own little subtopic of the main one and is a different story that works on its own without loosing any sense or causing confusion with the idea. They present a different point of you to the subject so they each have personality and the filming and editing style’s differences make them easier to watch, different and not tedious. The information is related but not repetitive so that does not get boring for the viewers.

Sound problem was handled well with free audio downloaded from the internet.

If I were to do this type of project again, there are some aspects of it, I realised while making it, I would definitely change and do differently.

I would most definitely prefer not to be responsible for the filming. I would much rather someone who is better with cameras film than me, so I would like to hire an operator to do that. Even though I’ve learned a lot about cameras in the process of making the project, I believe a professional would do a better job.

Another aspect of the project that I would do different is the part with interviews. If I have to do something similar again, I would probably try a bit different approach with people. I would definitely be less friendly and more formal about it because I think it would make people also take it more seriously which is important when working on a schedule. I would have to be more strict with appointments and be more insistent with people so that they don’t slow me down.

I’ve learned time management is even harder when working with people so if I have to do this again I would leave more time for gathering all the information that need before I start editing. Because in this type of a project where interviews with people play a big part of the main subject and are effectively the script, you need them completed first so you can organise everything according to them. Filming has to be connected to the script, in this case people’s answers, so it has to be done after all the information has been collected. I had separated my time in even intervals for everything but now I’m positive if I were to do this again, I wouldn’t do that. More time for interviews is needed and some spare time should be put in consideration for any delays that might happen. Not doing that was a mistake I made that I would not do again.


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