Beach 4

Finally some good filming on the beach.

It was cold and not many people were out but there were some students in groups and everyone was doing something different so it was nice. Most of them were just sitting on the beach but there were some boys who had brought a big ball with them that they put in the sand and started jumping on so that was really nice to watch and film. I’m not sure if I can add it to the project but it would be cool.

It was a long day at the beach. I had to get up early to prepare everything and food as well and again I was bit early since the beach was practically empty when I got there. But I’m happy with the shots I made.

My housemate and I enjoyed our time even though it was cold. While waiting we played again so we would get warmer. I also met a really cute kid named Jordan. I was writing in the sand a message and he came and started talking to me, he was really cute and even though he was a kid, he seamed quite smart. I also filmed my housemate because I think I might use the files in the project.


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