Slow down

I guess it’s kind of normal but things just keep slowing me down.

People are the biggest issue but also no cameras in the stores, no lenses, no memory cards as well and the heavy tripods.

I already have to film and record separately which is really irritating and slow but also when I have a camera from uni the weather’s not good and I can’t go out or I have the h4n but people can’t meet me and I can’t record them. And when the weather is nice or I just want to film inside there are no free cameras or lenses, this happened a few times, not to mention the memory cards. I don’t really have a free one they are all full so I had to keep asking my friends if I could borrow from them. And when I needed them for interviews and people didn’t meet me for several days it didn’t feel nice to keep asking if I could borrow it because my friend also needs hers.

But I guess a lot of people at uni are filming and when film students take cameras too it’s hard to find one to use and do some work. It’s a big problem.

For some of the last filming inside because I couldn’t take a camera from uni I borrowed the one Ailton bought and used it instead. The cats in the house were really interested in it.


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