Why has Romania got a bad public image?

I finally found information why. I wasn’t really sure before and I wasn’t even sure if it really had a bad public image but it is like that and I guess I found out why. Even though I don’t really think I would believe BBC for everything they say after all the wrong information they have given. But this article explains some things and even has statements from Romanian people on the subject so it’s not one sided like the other reports the  BBC has had.

The article talks about some horsemeat scandal that I don’t think I’ve heard about or if I did we didn’t pay much attention back home as it doesn’t really have anything to do with us.

Except, of course, there is no evidence that any horsemeat left Romania labelled as anything other than horsemeat

The article also speaks of some campaigns the purpose of which is to reshape Romania’s image.

The campaign slogan is: „We may not like Britain, but you will love Romania.“

There are also some people who talk about the whole issue with the British media and all their reports and articles about the country. Some people even stated their fears about it.

the country’s ambassador to London, Ion Jinga, claimed such „alarmist“ and „inflammatory“ coverage could lead to Romanians being assaulted in the street.

That is a good point as even I and my friends when we’re alone and for some reason people on the street ask us where we’re from we don’t like telling. Truth is, we don’t know how people would react and what they would do. And we’ve also had enough not pleasant conversations with people who clearly had no idea what they were talking about and no real knowledge on the matter but still had an  opinion and some even dared to try and insult out countries, not that I let anyone do that when talking to me that is.

Romania’s image problem may even be traceable to the late 19th Century,

I didn’t know that, our neighbors really don’t have it nice, but even I haven’t really liked Romania when I’ve been there.

most observers believe Romania’s recent past, as a Communist dictatorship, looms far larger in the public mind

The thing is, the older people that I met who should know more about the Soviet Union since they lived when it was still active, they actually know little to nothing which I find ridiculous. And the questions that they ask are so very wrong like they don’t even thin before they ask. My friends even told me they have been asked a lot of ridiculous questions by older people who you’d  think would know more. I don’t want to sound rude but the people that talk to us have so much confidence when they speak and actually makes them look even more stupid.

„When you say you are going to Romania, people look at you with shock and horror, as if you are going to some place where there is no law and order and bandits roaming in the hills.

„The reality is something quite different.“ says Liam Lever, a British journalist who writes for English-language Romanian news site Romania Insider

Even a person who’s not Romanian but actually British agrees that the information that has been told about the countries in not true. Another British person also agreed with that and shared that the British media isn’t fair

Ronnie Smith, a British business consultant based in Romania, says the UK „ought to be ashamed“ of its coverage of Romania but he does not believe the country’s government has the resources, or the will, to respond effectively.

„There is not a rebranding campaign. There should be but there won’t be, not to the extent that’s needed,“

Unlike what it was stated in British media and the same site in this articles is clearly says that

„We do have very different cultures,“ says Carmen Campeanu, a project manager at the Romanian Cultural Centre, in Central London. „We are a Latin country. Statistics show Romanians would prefer to go to Italy or Spain or Portugal or even France.“

And also some positive facts that were disregarded in other articles

But Romania’s image as a violent „mafia state“ among some commentators is far wide of the mark, its defenders point out.

Violent crime in Bucharest is among the lowest of any capital city in Europe, according to figures compiled by The UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

The country’s economy is also growing faster than the UK and there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, according to the British business people based there.



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