This project was a bit challenging because I’m not really that good with cameras and filming. I don’t know much about cameras and filming, I don’t really even enjoy filming that much, maybe if it’s just for fun but not when it has to be more serious. But I wanted to do this myself so I would actually learn, that’s what I’m in uni for actually, to learn. So I was stubborn and wanted to do it by myself. Also I didn’t really want to hire someone and have to pay them. I could ask some people I know from film for help but I don’t know them that well. There’s one person that actually wanted to help me but I didn’t really want to owe him. And because I guess I have to give a reason for it, it’s because this guy that I don’t really like or enjoy being around and he seems to have a crush on me and has been asking me out. I’ve been avoiding him but I thought that if he helps me I should be then nicer to him but as I said I don’t really enjoy being around him so I preferred doing it on my own.

But I was really worried about filming. Before all I was thinking in my head when I took a camera from uni was ‘Don’t drop it! Just don’t drop it!’ but I got better now and I’m happy about that. And I didn’t drop any of the cameras I borrowed from uni.

I also did research on all those fancy words that have something to do with cameras since I didn’t really understand them and also fancy words are harder to understand when it’s not your native language. I have to think a bit more when fancy word are involved which is weird because I function quite normally in English. I don’t usually have to translate words but I guess it’s normal when it’s more complicated. Also some things I might actually know but when I don’t know the words it English it’s a bit of a mess when I read what is for what. Also when someone explains something to me because the words are different it’s harder.

But I did a big of research on cameras so I understand them better. I still have more to learn but I think for a first time of filming it’s not that bad. Also because it’s more like a short news report than I documentary because of the way the channel works, the style could be not that clean and nice. I’m not happy about that but since the channel does it that way I guess I had to do it. It would’ve been better to make it as a proper documentary but as I was just an intern they wouldn’t really even consider airing it. I also know only of the producers so that wouldn’t really help.

I’m glad that I’m now more comfortable with using a camera for a more professional type of filming but I wouldn’t really want to do something like that again. If I were to have to do this project again, I would prefer to have someone who would be responsible for the filming instead of me. If I’m to do something with filming again that I have to manage, I would look for a cameraman to handle that part for me definitely. Filming is not really my thing, I don’t think I’m really good at it and I also don’t enjoy it.


I looked at some of these

They are a bit confusing though and for what I was filming I didn´t really use these a lot, I didn´t want to experiment with the project videos because I couldn´t really keep the camera for a longer while so I mainly had to quickly go film for the project when the weather was nice.

I´m still not really confident with handling a camera and wouldn´t really like to film for something professional if I haven´t improved.


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