Interview with Romanian student

The only Romanian student I could find that wanted to help me with the project and I met, finally.

She took me to a room in BU, because they are in holiday it was empty and we could use it. This time she had prepared what she wanted to say, unlike all the other times I saw her.

I explained how I did the interviews with other people first and she asked about the questions I ask again. Because from the other interview I made with other people and how nervous they sounded and how I didn’t really like the way it sounded like it was a bit forced, I tried doing it a bit differently. I turned on the h4n while we were discussing first and I didn’t tell her so she wouldn’t feel nervous or worried.

I really didn’t think it would take long but I guess because we became friends and we talk easily and it actually took really long. The whole interview was 3hours and we talked a lot about many things. I have a lot of information from her. I probably won’t be able to use all of it, actually I won’t use all of it, because just her interview is longer than the final thing I’m going to make.

She’s also older than me and has been in England longer so she has more experience. She told me a lot of things I didn’t know which was nice, some I can’t really use for the project because they are not for students but it was nice that she told me.

Because I didn’t film her I guess she was also more comfortable with stating her opinion on the matter. She’s also from another country, not Bulgaria and she shares my opinion that it’s a bit different for Bulgarians and for Romanians. We’re both not really sure why it seems people look at Romanians a bit worse than they do at Bulgarians. I’m happy she also hasn’t had problems with her teachers because that’s good. I didn’t really find people who are bad to their students if they are from our countries which is nice. I only had one student say something about that but it was more like a comment made from teacher which I still don’t approve of but no one has complained that their teacher aren’t treated well in school.

We discussed everything I talked about with other people, she told me how it was for her when she had to get her documents when she came here when I think there wasn’t that much about the issue in the media. But she also had problems with that even with getting a national insurance number. I also asked her about guarantors for the room that she rents because that’s also a problem for students. I’ve had a lot of friends who’ve complained about that. My mom even asked if I could help one of her friends daughter who’s studying in England but in another city.

I’m just a bit worried because we couldn’t meet earlier with her and it’s close to the deadline and I’ll have to change things because she gave me a lot of information that is helpful for the project and I want to use what she told me about.

I might have to do more filming for the things she told me about as well so that’s not really that nice either. That’s why I wanted to do the interviews earlier but people don’t really like to help others a lot, at least for projects. I wanted jsut to have editing to do before the deadline but working with people isn’t easy, if I learned anything from this project it’s that.


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