BU Closed

I finally organised to meet my Romanian friend who wants to help me but never has her opinion written down. We arranged to meet weeks ago. We were waiting for her to start her holiday because she had her dissertation to work on so we agreed to meet on the Saturday when her holiday starts. She asked if I need anything and I just told her I need a quiet place so she said we can use her uni. We would just meet in there and she would take me to a room we can use.

We texted each other before going out to meet and everything was fine, no one had forgotten or canceled or anything like that. The h4n was free so I could book it, the batteries like always weren’t charged but it seemed even that wouldn’t stop us from meeting and doing the interview. But then I go to BU Poole house where were supposed to meet and it’s closed, some kind of maintenance. I was walking around like an idiot for an hour because my friend and I hadn’t exchanged numbers and my battery died so I couldn’t check Facebook. I don’t understand how we didn’t see each other though.

And even though we agreed to meet on Monday and she was free when I contacted her on Monday before we were supposed to meet, she was suddenly busy but didn’t bother to tell me before I asked her. Seriously if I don’t murder some Bulgarian or Romanian student before the deadline it would be nice.



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