Interview 3

This one didn’t really go that well. I’m not sure if I will use it.

This person doesn’t really speak well and wasn’t at all comfortable with talking about the project topic. They had to read it because they couldn’t really say a lot without making a lot of mistakes and also said it would be easier for them to read it. But even like that it still doesn’t sound that nice and good and too robotic like with other people who read it. That’s a really annoying problem with this project, one of the annoying problems. I just don’t understand why all the people I want to interview speak so robotic when I record them and don’t really want to. I don’t know which makes them worry more, the topic or the fact that they are being recorded.

I didn’t ask of her to read a lot because I didn’t like it at all but didn’t want to really tell her that she is not very good at reading. That might be rude to some people. So I just recorded her saying a few simple basic things about the project and told her that would be enough and I thanked her of course. I wasn’t even feeling comfortable enough to ask her to read it again like I did with my housemate. So the interview was short and quick.


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