Fixed Audio

I managed to fix the audio from the first interview I did with my friend. The audio was just not high enough so I edited it a lot to increase it and it’s fine now, I can use it.

My friend is also going back home for the holiday even though she said she wouldn’t and I won’t be able to interview her again before her holiday since she also has deadlines and projects and is busy.

After listening to our conversations I chose to use different things than what I originally wanted. Because the Fostex was recording while we were discussing what she wants to say I have also those and I like them better. My friend sounds better, her voice isn’t that forced or nervous and it feels more comfortable, her speech as well isn’t forced to sound formal since she’s not from the capital and speaks with  a bit of a dialect. The conversation we had is more natural and I’ll use parts of it instead of using only the actual interview speech.

I want to cut and save all the audio that I like and would use for the documentary so it’s easier to use later and I also have to edit all the files that I have to increase the audio.


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