Restrictions towards Bulgarians and Romanians

To get all my facts right before I start on the script I decided to do some research on the whole matter, in particular how it started and why.

Bulgarians and Romanians gained the right to visa-free travel to the UK in 2007, when their countries joined the EU. But there were temporary restrictions on the kind of jobs they could take. Employers had to apply for work permits and migrants for an „accession worker card“. Low-skilled workers were restricted to existing quota schemes in the agricultural and food processing sectors. These restrictions were dropped on 1 January, having been extended to the maximum period of seven years. Bulgarians and Romanians will be entitled to claim the same benefits and NHS care as other EU citizens. However, the government has rushed through legislation to toughen the rules around migrants claiming benefits.

BBC © 2014

What makes me angry is that not even the BBC site is neutral on the subject and I thought media weren’t supposed to take a side and explore the problem from both sides in an even manor. Even the numbers stated are again made up and it seems no one bothers to check before they say something especially if they are politicians. Information articles have such ridiculous statements in them and they say they come from the government, I doubt the government is that uninformed to let wrong information go out.

The coalition is not making any official predictions. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has said he has no confidence in figures, published on his department’s own website, predicting that about 13,000 will arrive. He knows that Labour got its fingers burned when it grossly underestimated the number of migrants expected to come from Eastern Europe in 2004, when Poland and other former Soviet bloc countries joined the EU. Pressure group Migration Watch has predicted 50,000 could come to the UK every year until 2019. It says many of the two million Romanians and Bulgarians currently working in Spain and Italy could be tempted to come to the UK – the „most lucrative destination“ for EU migrants.

BBC © 2014

Yeahh sure, all the people from the countries would just love to go to the UK, that is complete rubbish and there would be no natives in both countries then because everyone would just decide to go to the UK. I’m starting to think the people who write these don’t even try to use their brains. I don’t want to be rude or anything but it’s simple facts that you can easily check if you want.

So I’m using  just a bit of the information to have some facts in the script but not everything because no one likes too many numbers and facts because hat makes it boring and most people loose interest easily.
I should also talk a bit about the documents students needed before the restrictions were dropped, it’s funny how some universities haven’t bothered to update their sites about that.

If you are a Bulgarian or Romanian student and want to work in the UK you must complete a BR1 form so you can obtain a registration certificate (also known as a yellow card).

Southampton Solent University

On the site they have some of the stages students had to complete.


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