Not enough cameras available, no memory cards available and if they are the weather is really bad and I can’t really film. Everyone knows it rains in England, I don’t want to show that. The theme isn’t that cheerful and happy anyway I don’t want to show grey England, it would suit everything but I don’t want that. I don’t want it to be a mean type of a documentary.

At least I’m getting to use different cameras and lenses and learn to use them.

But it is really scary when I go out to film either alone or with my friend. I usually go with my housemate because she doesn’t have school and she’s always free but even if we’re  out with her, it’s scary. I’ve had too many people who I don’t know come and talk to me out of nowhere and after that guy who asked if the camera and tripod I’m using are expensive, I don’t really like going out to film. Bournemouth doesn’t seem that safe anymore, at least if you’re a girl with a camera. That’s really troubles me a lot though and so many people I didn’t know came and started talking to me, some seemed drunk or on drugs and I really don’t feel comfortable going out and filming. That’s a main problem for me with the filming.


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