Beach 3

Another weekend, another walk to the beach.

Weather’s getting colder again but there still were some people on the beach.

I got up early to prepare the things I would need and some food as well because I thought I can eat with my friend at the beach while we film. I had a lot of things to carry, my landlady was really surprised when she saw all the stuff.

It was cloudy while going there though and I wasn’t sure if the weather would get better. And I guess it’s not good to go before lunch because there were no students out, not many people either. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to film a lot of students because the weather was bad and I couldn’t see any. And we were really cold because we weren’t moving a lot while waiting for people to go to the beach. But we started playing so we would get warmer and also not be so bored.

I filmed some wide shots of the beach and some people walking, to have for editing. We had to wait for a while for the students to come so I was looking for different things I could film and then use to make the videos a bit more interesting.


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