I wanted to go out filming again but the weather wasn’t good for filming and it’s like it’s getting colder and colder. But I went out looking around the square for places I could film at. I want to have a few scenes where people go in and out of shops like they are looking for a job and they can’t get one. I was thinking of making a wide shot and then just masking it like the person goes in one shop and goes out from another so it’s a bit different. But I think it’s better on another street because it’ll be with restaurants, not shops so I don’t really have to worry about hiding the names. I don’t really want to have to blur the names even though they do it a lot on the news, I don’t like how it looks.

Then I had to go to uni because I had talked with one of my Romanian friends from BU to finally record her opinion. I had told her the previous day what I did with my housemate and asked if it would be easier since apparently she hadn’t answered the previous questions I had sent her. So I told her that it’s better to write it and read it when I record her because I want it to be smooth talking. She had agreed but when we met in uni at our usual international meeting and I asked if she’s ready she said she doesn’t have anything written and she can just talk which is what I didn’t want. So I told her to actually write it and then we can record it. I told her again that it’s better to write it and that she has to make it quicker.

After that I had to go to the square again because my housemate had found a fast food restaurant where some Bulgarians and Romanians work and I was thinking I could talk to the managers and see if they want to say something. Why they employed Bulgarians and Romanians, what they think about them, how is working with them, what they think about everything that is in the media and things like that. But the people I talked to were really scary so I didn’t really ask anything about my project because I didn’t like them from when I entered the place. My housemate later when we met at the house said that the manager wasn’t a nice person and was rude to her and she also doesn’t like him and that their food is also bad.

Because of my distaste towards buses it was another 20km of walking, what’s with those wednesdays


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