The first interview I did with my friend from BU was using the Fostex. I can’t really use the videos I filmed because I changed the style of the video but it turns out I can’t even use the sound. I don’t know why but the files are empty. Jordan couldn’t explain to me how to work with it when I got it because the batteries weren’t charged but I thought I got it. I tested it with the headphones and it was working, I could play the recorded files and I could hear everything. My housemate was in charge of the sound when we were using the Fostex but I made sure that it was fine and we did check if it recorded. I don’t understand why the files are empty when I try to open them on my laptop. I talked to my friend and she said she’s fine with doing it again so that’s good.

Good thing I used it only for this interview. At least I saw what working with it is like, I still don’t know why the files are empty but I know that I don’t like using it. It’s big, heavy, attracts the cats in the house, it’s not easy to transport with the two cases that it has and it’s a bit confusing to use. Mainly cons there that I have. Also for some reason Jordan couldn’t make it record two channels when I took it and I couldn’t figure out how to do it but I thought I could fix it in the editing. Turns out I’m doing the recording again instead.

I haven’t really scheduled when to meet my friend to record again because I had to return the h4n but I guess it’ll be next week when I can take it again. We’ve done it already with her so it won’t really take that long, she knows what to say and when we were filming she was more relaxed than other people so it’s fine. I also have some audio from the camera so I might write down what she said and just give it to her to read if she wants.


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