House filming with housemate and cat

I got my housemate to help me again. So good that she doesn’t like her school and doesn’t go so we can do things together. I also got one of the cats to help us. I filmed my housemate in her room in the house since the weather was being English again and we couldn’t go out. It was also really cold, both our rooms were really cold.

I got my housemate to sit on her bed with her laptop like she’s working on a project or studying while I filmed her. I had to move around things in her room a lot because it looked a bit boring on camera so I started taking things and putting them in different places. I’m glad she doesn’t mind people touching her things because I moved so many things around. I put some books, not that she has many, on the bed and some colourful things as well. Then I thought of the cats in the house and went to look for one. Unfortunately for one them, it was in front of the room so I just grabbed it and placed it on the bed. Good thing it was one of the nice cats and it didn’t mind and it actually started playing with us and I liked how it looked on the camera. I had to focus on something else since I didn’t want to show the face of my housemate so the cat was nice when it was actually facing the camera because sometimes it moved too much or it fell asleep and didn’t move.

And I know I’m rather short but my housemate’s wardrobe is really tall. I liked how it looked filmed from the angle and since the tripod can’t get there and since I was silly enough to not use a chair I had to stretch to hold the camera. But it looked nice and I managed not to move.

After some shots from different angles in the room so I have what to choose from I asked my housemate to read some of the answers I got from other people that I made into a text since she’s Romanian and has an accent. But I felt really bad having to correct her pronunciation all the time. She’s an English student and her pronunciation isn’t good at all. But the worse was that she sounded like a robot while reading the text. No emotion at all, even though I told her to try. She said she wanted to say a bit more meaner things than what I had written for her but I didn’t like that but I still asked her to use that anger when reading. I got the same robotic voice. I even had to explain some grammar to her.
I had to get rid of the cat for the recording because I could hear it so I just took it from it’s comfortable position on the bed and returned it in the corridor. I got out without any scratches or bites.



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