I decided to use voiceovers for the people who are busy and I can’t really chase around anymore to record.

I have their answers to the survey sort of thing I sent them so I’ll just ask some of my Bulgarian friends to read it in Bulgarian. Some international friends I met even said they would help so I might even use them since they speak with a bit of an accent so I can use them to read in English instead of Romanian students. So I’m a bit less worried about that but still angry at the people who said would help  but aren’t.

My housemates are also both from different countries so I could ask them too. One of them is actually from Romania and she’s really interested in the project. I really think Romanian people have it a bit harder and people are less friendly to them from what I heard but I still don’t understand why.

I’m just careful not using any people who speak Spanish or any language close to that because their accents are really similar and also easy to tell. I’m usually bad at accents but Spanish is one that I easily recognise so I don’t want to use that one. Also Asian people sort of speak the same way. I know a lot of Asians and most of my housemates are usually Asian and when I meet their friends they have a very similar way of pronouncing words so I don’t think I’ll ask them to help.

I also want to use people who clearly have an accent when they speak because I think it would be better since most internationals have an accent when they speak.

I’m even thinking of asking some of my friends from back home to read the texts for me and record themselves so they can sent it to me but I’m not sure which of them can record it properly. I know some of them can but I haven’t asked them yet.

For the texts, I’ll just use the answers I got from students and make them into short texts and give them to people to read. I did one and it’s short, I don’t really need them to be long anyway so it would be a few sentences that they have to say.

I’ll have to add that to the budget though as voiceovers, I didn’t think I would need that except for me that is as a narrator.


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