Beach 2

Do I have a sign that says ‘all weird people come talk to me’?

While I was out with my housemate again for filming and we went to the beach and gardens a weird guy came to us and started talking to us. My housemate said he was drunk which I wasn’t really sure of but it was still scary. This probably drunk uncle just randomly started asking us questions and wouldn’t go away. We hadn’t even done anything to him, we were sitting on a bench waiting for a double-decker bus and he came to us. He kept asking me stupid questions and looking at weirdly and then he asked if the camera and tripod were expensive and that’s when I got a bit scared and really annoyed. I told him they were actually really really cheap while holding them tightly and started ignoring him. I told my housemate I don’t want a bus and asked if she wanted to go to the beach and we got up. Good thing, he didn’t do anything or come talk to us after that.

Beach was terrible though. I guess because the weather had been a bit bad and there were also not many people just a person or two and that looked boring. It was also really cold or at least I felt really cold and we were walking and we had a lot of things to carry but I was still cold.

So I couldn’t really film a lot and the day was kind of wasted. I did film in front of some shops, an idea that came to me but we had also already made some other plans so we had to hurry so we could get those done as well and it was getting really cold.

The beach is definitely for weekends only. It’s not use to go there if I don’t have what or who to film.


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