I really don’t like people right now, they are not my favourite species.

I try to be nice and everything, they say they’re busy, I say fine, they that a place is too far for them, I change it, they don’t want to be filmed, I try to think of some other way to do my project but it’s getting really annoying. I’m tired of people and all their stupid pointless complaining. I ask for less than an hour, less than one and I get a stupid reply. I mean seriously, can they be like that. If those kinds of Romanian and Bulgarian students go to the uk right now because I’m so angry I would actually understand if they are not treated well all the time. I know it’s not only them but it annoys me so much. They said they would help, I explained what I’m doing and now they are being stupid and complaining, they don’t even have to do anything or go anywhere, they just have to say a few words. Only that, nothing else, I wanted more but if they don’t want to help that much I decided I’ll do more work and still try to make it. Chris said I should be more forceful and even though I’m sure I can’t do it in this situation, it would be good if I did.

Now I’m really happy for the blog. I’m not sure if I should be using it for rants like this but it does concern the project. I usually find the blog weird but it’s nice that I can get this all out here so I don’tinvoluntarily snap at my family or friends.

But seriously I talked to them February about what I’m doing and what I want from them. And after talking what they have to do gets smaller and smaller and they still are too busy even for half an hour. I even decided not to work with some people because of the way they answered. I’m going to try and work with different people who I know better or try to think of something.

This person didn't even bother answering after she said she would help
This person didn’t even bother answering after she said she would help

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