Beach 1

I decided to go filming at the beach and I was really glad that I saw my housemate when I was going out because she wanted to come with me and watch and also help. We stayed there for hours and filmed a lot. After some failing we got better and got better shots. I didn’t really figure out what was wrong since I’m not that good with cameras and I’m afraid to touch them because I might break them but I figured out how to fix it. The first things we got were unusable but after that it was better. There were some drunk people who wanted to be part of the project and some lady judging by all the times she went in front of the camera while we were working. She just kep walking one way than the other in front of the camera. There were also the people who stared right at the camera while filming like my housemate but at least she was trying to help.

It was good that the weather was somewhat nice and there were a lot of people out especially students, not drunk ones, so we could test some more and film as well. I realized some things that we did wrong so my housemate and I decided to go to the beach again to film even better and a bit early when there would be less drunks to scare us.

We were so tired from walking though and hungry when we were done. We had decided to go for food after we film but we forgot that in this country almost everything closes early on sunday so we couldn’t actually find anything decent for dinner or breakfast so we had to experiment. And carrying that tripod wasn’t that easy either, it might be a lighter one but when we got tired it slowed us down a lot.


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