Usually when someone asks me for a favor and I say I’ll help them I actually do it. I try to help them with whatever they’re doing because that’s what I said I would do and it would be stupid not to since I already agreed. But why are there people who you explain to what you want from them to help you with and they sound really happy to help you and seem really interested in what you’re doing but when you actually need their help more than just talking they suddenly don’t really know what they have to do and don’t seem to agree with it. I explained everything when I first contacted people and told them what I’m doing and what I need them to do and everyone was fine with it. But when I actually asked them if they are free to actually help me they started asking questions as I hadn’t explained to them at all what the project I have is. I even talked to them in Bulgarian, their native language, one would think they understand it. I mean, how many times do you have to explain something simple to people for the to understand it and not ask stupid questions about it after that. I clearly explained to them what I’m doing because I understand that some of them might not want to be filmed or something like that and asked if they are fine with that. I just don’t understand why there were no problems while we were talking about it but after that they don’t like it anymore. They also agreed to help so I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to do it after that, if they didn’t want to help at all they should’ve said so, that’s why I asked if they want to help, I didn’t make them. I’m careful when they have classes or deadlines or things like that. I tell them before that so they can tell me if they are busy or anything and if they are I change things so we can meet when they are more free. Some people don’t even bother replying to me, they reply almost when it’s time to meet saying that they can’t even though facebook shows me they read the message, I mean seriously. I had asked one person in the beginning of the week if they are free on the weekend to help me and they asked on Saturday evening when I would like to meet, not like the weekend is almost over or I prefer day-light to film or anything or that I need to know before that because when they don’t answer I meet with other people who are free. Some have appointments and don’t tell me when I ask if they are free and then they cancel them and don’t say anything as well.

Some of the conversations I had when people suddenly didn’t know what they agreed to help with.

I know working with people isn’t easy, I knew it before I started working on this project but how did I manage to choose so many people who wouldn’t want to help. I’m not even working with that many students and most of them aren’t helpful when it comes to actually help.


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