Fostex and h4n and all the things in the room

Those two suitcases for the Fostex are really annoying to carry around town with you. And also the cats in the house seemed really interested in them and liked to try and play with them. But for working alone like I thought I would probably have to some days it’s not easy to have all those things to carry around in town. Good thing I have my new housemate and she doesn’t like her English classes so she can help me. But I think I prefer the h4n mainly because it’s smaller and easier to take with you, even the case for it is smaller.

But I have so many things in the room and it’s really messy, the landlord better not come in it. He’ll probably even start asking questions about what the things are and trying them out and that would take long. But I really have a lot of things from uni in the room and was stupid enough to say I’ll return all of them on the same day, I don’t know how I’m doing that.

The h4n is easy to use, at least I think I’m using it right. Jordan said it’s better than using the other mic I booked and I’m not really sure if I’ll use it but it’s nice. And also carrying the ipad as well makes it more things and a bit heavier. The h4n fits in both my bag and my housemates bag and is lighter so it’s easier with it and the sound is better. Also it’s a bit hard because I have one sd card and I have to change it when I do things. I can’t record and film at the same time. So I have to do things separately and do them a few times so I have everything and with the weather here not everything can be done on the same day.

The Fostex was harder to use and because Jordan couldn’t explain to me how to use it since the batteries weren’t charged I had to try and figure it out. Those are a lot of buttons but I think I got it. I just couldn’t get it to record both channels for some reason and Jordan couldn’t fix it too when I took it but I think I can fix that when I edit it. It’s really sensitive though, it caught even sounds from the other rooms so I have to use it when the house is empty or people are asleep. It catches sounds even when the door is closed and also the floors are squeaky so if people are walking on the next floor you can hear it on the recording. So many things to keep in mind, it’s crazy if you’re doing it alone.


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