Interview 1

The family in who’s house I’m staying was away for two weeks and since I like the house and some of the rooms in it I thought I could use them for an interview. My friend was finally free to help me but the son who lives in the house currently and who’s definitely way over the teen age years had to make a party and not clean anything at all after that. But my housemates and I moved some things so that we could still use the rooms and I could also film without having all the trash the people left from the party in the shot. Too bad my friend doesn’t want her name to be shown because she didn’t seem too awkward with the camera and everything. Filming was more like an experiment with her because she was the first person I made it with. Though it turned out not as bad as I thought it would be and really quick. I could’ve been less worried and slept more as well. The Fostex was really weird and annoying to work with. We actually forgot it a few times and it recorded more than it should have. At least I locked all the five cats in another room so they couldn’t come in and start giving interviews as well. The room we were in got really warm though so we either had to not let that bother us or open a window and listen to all the loud cars from the street. I swear only a plane’didn’t try to land on the street while we were working. We met in the morning and we were done before lunch because my friend said she had to return something to uni but we didn’t really need that much. Though I would have preferred that she freed more time since I had asked her weeks before that if she is free. From what it seems, since my friend was like that too, I’ll have more trouble with people actually helping like they said they would, than mainly having to do everything by myself. People seem really nice and helpful on facebook but after that it’s different.

I had to move a lot of the things in the room as well to make it better for filming. Good thing the family was away because I don’t think they would’ve liked it a lot. I moved everything back as it was after that of course.


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