TV Channels

I don’t really like watching TV and I really don’t like watching the news on it but I have a preferred channel for that. Unfortunately I couldn’t work as an intern there over summer because they want someone who’s finished their higher education now. Before I went to uni they wanted at least one year completed in uni but when I had that the company decided to change it to having a degree.

I’m more familiar with the channel I watch the most as they make some really nice and interesting documentaries sometimes. The history ones that I have watched have mostly been good and really interesting and educational. That channel started paying more attention to editing but I guess it’s the journalists who made the documentaries since they have been in the channel for a while so they want their projects to look better. The channel I was at over summer has nice visuals and designs but the journalist don’t really pay attention to the way things look and that really irritated me when I was watching them work. I wasn’t sure if they saw it and didn’t care or they didn’t even notice it’s not good.

After a tutorial with Mark he advised me to do some research on the channel I worked with to see how long I have to make the documentary and things like that which would be important and better to do while I’m editing it and not have to do them after I show it to them. He told me to be careful with the commercials because I would have to cut it and then after the commercial maybe put a few segments of what was in the first part and what had been said so far.

The channel I was at in summer makes things differently than other channels and even though different is good I think it´s good only if you make it good and I´m not really sure they are doing it. With the way they are working they are a fairly new channel and because they have a lot of sources they are doing a nice job with getting more popular but I think because they try so much to be different people don´t really like them that much. They also have a lot of shows that I haven´t seen on other channels or a bit different versions of already popular shows but I don´t think they are getting that much audience. The whole program of the channel which I guess could be counted as sort of a main one, it´s getting like that, is different and new to people. It´s even little things that they pay attention when making the program which is really nice but I´m not completely sure how people are taking it.

I couldn´t find many of their documentaries and actually the only ones I found were like long news reports. They had no editing like colour grading or anything, just cutting. They were mainly focused on the story which is good but I would prefer a bit of editing. I guess it´s because of the software they use from what I saw you can only cut the videos with it. The people who were helping me didn´t show me anything to do with editing.


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