Looking around

I went out to look for places or things I might find interesting as a foreigner which I could include in the project. The architecture isn’t that interesting. I’m having a hard time finding anything Bulgarians would find that interesting and pretty, maybe because I’m from the capital but still, I rarely find anything that I would call pleasing. I found a few small houses that are nice that I saw and I’ll see how they look, I’ll try out.

The beach wasn’t that cool looking but I can film it later when the weather is better, the beach should also be better then.
I’m not sure how good the beach will be for the Bulgarian audience since we have our own beaches but with way better weather and they are a major tourist destination and we’re actually making use of it so I have to make the beach in Bournemouth really nice looking if I’m going to use it.

The uni busses look better that’s certain. Even one of my friends from BU said that the busses decorated from AUB are best looking ones, they even say AUB so I’m calling them my busses even though I don’t use them. My housemate also thinks they are better than the BU ones. I think I’m going to show more of them than the yellow ones because those are a bit more boring than the uni busses. Also the uni busses have more students on them which is better for the project, I don’t really need any grandparents or kids in the busses since that doesn’t really have anything to do with the project.


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