Some other places

Some other places that I saw that look nice and people might like.

I saw pictures of this on the internet but I didn’t know what they were about and thought it was just a show or something but now I understand what those pictures I saw meant.


That garden better get better looking when it gets warmer and also that fountain needs a lot of cleaning. I hope the garden is cleaned and kept proper so I can use it to film there a bit as well. I know I can film without a problem there.

The house I don’t like that much. I’m not sure why, it’s not only the style I guess. I think it’s the colours, I don’t really like them. I don’t usually like those colours. Also when I cam to look at it, there were a few things that needed fixing as well.

Flowers are always nice, I like them. Daffodils are quite common here for some reason. I’ve seen a lot of them in different places. I know they are the symbol of I’m not sure if they are a symbol or is it called something else but I’m sure of the country. We studied that when I was little in my English classes. The gardens have a lot of flowers in them so they are nice. I also like how students sit around when the weather is nice.

The balloon looks a bit pitiful or at least more than the last time I saw it and it also has that commercial thing on it. But I find it really cool and I think it’s really interesting to foreigners. And I think it’s up only on weekends, I’ve actually seen it up only once or I haven’t paid any attention to it before.

Ducks Ducks are cute, those were really cute and funny, made me want to jump in the water with them. But they would probably run away or start chasing me, it won’t be the first time an animal decides to chase me. Good thing I haven’t seen any roosters because they have never liked me at all. But I saw them only when I didn’t have a camera with me. I didn’t see them when I went filming any of the times.


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