Most of the people I found and asked if they want to help me are nice. The questions I asked them are answered fully but there are also some people who didn’t answer that fast even though in the mean time they kept asking for favours and I had to tell them a few times to do it. Even after they sent them back to me, the answers weren’t that good. They were short, not very polite or formal and I wasn’t very happy with them. That person even send them to somebody else to answer without asking or informing me. I’m really not happy with that person and I’m not sure if I want to add her to the project. It might work as having more ‘colour’ to the students since the others aren’t like that but I’m not really sure. I might also see how it is and then decide whether I’ll use it or not. That should be better I guess. Even though I’m not sure how working with that person is going to be since answering a few questions wasn’t that easy for her.

Other people though are really great with their answers, I even found a person who has had a problem with their uni from a person who I had already contacted and sent the questions.

All students are from different years and have different experiences because of the time of their arrival to study in UK which would make all the information they give me more different.

First years have it the easiest so far because they don’t have to go through all the restrictions and everything and the long waiting for documents with no way to contact the office and ask for help or information. But they are still having problems with actually finding jobs. The restrictions have fallen but the media has done damage enough and most people are still rude and unaccepting.

It also seems it’s a bit difficult to find that many Romanian students. My friend doesn’t actually know anyone which isn’t that surprising to me as I was the same as her.


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