I really want to have some houses in the video but I’m not sure how I can really put them in, I don’t want them to look really random and not in place in the whole thing.

I have found some that better looking than others but there are streets that have really bad looking houses.

Churches are also nice because ours are different and even though in the capital we have catholic churches I don’t think we have them in all the other cities. I’m sure smaller ones don’t have them so I would like to add some but again I don’t want them to look out of place in the video since I’m not really talking about religion or anything like that.

Plus houses with people not going in or out when you film are a bit boring in my opinion. And I can’t really ask the people if I can have someone come in or out so I can film it for the project. It would be nice to just try and ask to see how they react really.

I’m really not sure about the house since the architecture is different and a lot of international people like to take pictures of houses and buildings. I know I used to pay a lot of attention when my mom and I first came here and were walking around.


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