Who is the video for?
In the beginning I wanted it to be aimed at Bulgarian nationals because I wanted to have it broadcasted on Bulgarian television. But I also feel like it’ll be good to actually aim it UK residents who don’t know much on the matter and have only heard about it from the media. I’m not sure if I make two separate versions in both languages but with the same content, it would still work. First I was thinking more about Bulgarian audience because I was thinking of showing it to the producers from the channel I worked at but after that I was thinking it could be for a British audience. Because if all the media reports on British television and the way they are made, very negative towards Bulgarians and Romanians, I believe it’s only fair to show the other side of the matter. Political campaign or not, I don’t like how we’re treated sometimes so I was thinking that the project could also be directed to British people, to show them how students who are more or less still kids are treated when they’re away from home and to make viewers question themselves whether they would want their children or themselves to be treated in a similar manor.

Age wise, it will mostly be for current students in the UK and also students who are considering studying in the UK, so around 16-25. It’ll also be good if the same videos would work for parents as well.

I don’t really think they will turn out as promotional videos for education in UK as Phil keeps asking me. The reason students go to UK is to study but my idea was to show more of how they are treated because of everything that’s in the media than to concentrate on the actual education.

The videos will most likely be uploaded on youtube and vimeo and I would most likely make separate channels just for those videos. I would be really glad if the TV channel likes them and agrees to show them on television.

I will have interview with different people, both Bulgarian and Romanian students who are currently studying in UK, both from AUB and BU. They will have to fill in a questionnaire so I can see what their opinions are on the situation. I will also ask them to tell their personal experience, if they have been treated unfair because of their origin, where and how it happened, how it makes them feel.

I guess the best way to call it is documentary even though I don’t really enjoy those. I find those usually boring, sometimes because of the content which is not actually a problem of the genre but sometimes in the way they are made. So I’ll try to make them not boring. I was thinking of making each one slightly different so it’ll be easier to watch. The experiences of students could also be made in a sort of plays so while the student is talking and explaining, the viewers can see something similar on the screen.

To make the videos not really depressing I would like to show some interesting places from probably mainly Bournemouth because I think it’s better to settle only on one location. So students will also be asked what they like in the city and what caught their attention so that I could also put those in the videos to make them more friendly.

The busses would be nice because we only have double decker busses for tourists in Sofia, the balloon is epic, driving on the opposite side of the rode. I think a bit of the architecture would be nice to show even though Phil said it’s not that pretty in Bournemouth. I have a friend who’s not from a big city from back home and she even found the Bournemouth houses interesting and just had to stop and take so many pictures while we were out. Anyway the uni atmosphere would be nice to show as well, when the weather is good that is.


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