The class in notes

Composition is about telling a story
composition also means arranging. We arrange the objects in a way in which we can best tell the story that we want to show to the viewer.

We had an exercise to do

Take one  shot with three compositions

these are the pictures I took really quick

and also a square, 16:9 and 2:35
my square didn’t really work as it should have. After I cropped it I would loose details from the picture, I couldn’t have everything because I didn’t take a wider shot.

What we learned in notes after the exercise about angles

Camera angles means camera language
Tilt is in the horizontal direction
We have three dimensions to work with vertical, horizontal and tilt.
Field of view is another piece of language, how much we’re going to put in.
Subjective camera is more personal and emotional whereas objective camera is more impartial, with a distance between what’s filmed.

Dolly shot keeps the focus of the viewer on an object. Handheld make the viewers feel as though they are part of the scene. A crane shot is useful for geography and blending action. The camera is used as a storytelling device. Zooming is fine if it’s not too much because it .


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