Other similar projects

I looked for similar projects that were made because there just has to have been with the whole situation.

I found these

I think it’s a bit long for a trailer and I don’t think I watched it all when I first found it but I really like it. The sound could scare you in a few moments while you’re watching and that could be annoying and other times it seemed a bit too low for me. Otherwise I think the way it’s shot is fine, it doesn’t bother me and the colours are also nice, I think they fit the topic, it’s not too bright or colourful. There’s a bit of editing and effects added here and there which makes it a bit more interesting. There are sub titles where there’s a different language being used and they are actually readable which is great. I just don’t get why the title is in English and the video is mostly in Bulgarian.

This one I didn’t really like mainly because of the dramatics used in it. The guy in it is a bit older than me and he talks about things that happened before we were born or in our childhood that we can’t really be a judge to. I tried watching the whole video a few times but I just found all the dramatics really annoying. It leaves me with the impression that this guy had nothing better to do. I don’t even think he’s that good with the dramatics that he tried to use and in my opinion failed to. I just don’t think he stands that good in front of camera and that’s a big point to me. Also he calls himself part of a group whose intentions aren’t that clear to me. But about the editing, I guess it’s fine. I don’t like the sub titles that much, the ones in the other video were better I think.


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